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Our last family Christmas outing was to great-grandma’s on the Friday after Christmas.

Jameson was a totally nightmare in the car, but thankfully Aunt Melissa rode with us, and we are also thankful for the ipad.



Great-Grandma and Grandma

Jameson insisted on trying a good four of five cookies, but didn’t really like any of them. He ate the most of the pistachio one which was funny!

We had lasagna and salad, which Jameson squirmed his way through. Since he didn’t really nap that day, he was extra wired!



Yucky Cookie

I don’t do so great with the cats in the house (I’m allergic), but Jameson loved them! He tried to catch a couple but he was not quick enough.

Petting Kitties

Here he is, sitting next to me relaxing for a moment. I look really pregnant.

Jameson and Mom

He also loved playing with his cousins and their toys (probably mostly their toys — filled with small things and sophisticated levers and big-boy-awesome.


He wouldn’t let great-grandma hold him this time, but he was happy to blow kisses and give her a high five!

Blowing Kisses

High Five

We left after dinner and opening a few gifts. Jameson got a puzzle and baby got some clothes from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sue! It is always nice to see great-grandma happy and surrounded by family. What a nice holiday!

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After returning from my parents, we had a second Christmas at home the following morning. These were the gifts from us to Jameson and to each other.


First up was Sasha, since her gifts are partially unwrapped so that she can see them, she got very excited!

Sasha's Gifts



She tore right into her first “buddy”, and opened 3 of her 4 new toys.

Jameson’s second gift was a hit: as soon as he opened it, he didn’t want to open any more gifts!



Jameson ran around with his broom and wouldn’t put it down! The only way he would open more gifts is if he could hold onto his broom. This little cleaning set was my idea, so I was tickled that he loved it so much!

Opening Gifts


We got Jameson a new RC controlled Thomas the Tank Engine. He has a car, but it only used one button. The new toy has two buttons, so it’s an upgrade! Also, it makes real steam. I was surprised that it actually works really well on carpet as well.

Jameson also received a build-your-own firetruck, which has nuts and bolts and will be one to grow into; and an Elmo play-doh shape maker, which occupied him for about 15 minutes one day (that’s a record for a sit down toy)


Last but not least was a set of classic wooden blocks; Jameson used the gift as a launch pad for jumping!

Later that afternoon, we dropped Jameson off at Brian’s parents and I had a doctor’s appointment, for which we drove very carefully through the snow for for all of a 5 minute appointment. But we are thankful things continue to go well, and I’m now measuring on schedule.

After returning to Brian’s parents, while grandpa finished cooking, we opened a few gifts at a time with Jameson to keep him occupied.





There was a lot of hiding and peek-a-boo.


Swinging and going upside-down.

Upside Down

And playing of the harmonica. That harmonica got more action than the whistle party favors from his birthday. It sounds just as gross though when he sucks his spit back in. I haven’t been nauseous for this pregnancy for a few weeks now, but that always makes me gag a little.


Jameson’s big gift was a table and chairs set! We haven’t decided where to put it yet but are looking forward to lots of arts and crafts there.

Big Gift

We are also excited that Jameson got a bike seat for the summer; Brian will love taking him out for rides. (I might be a little jealous, since I plan on being left behind with the newborn). What a blessed Christmas we had! And it wasn’t over yet. We still had a few more days off to enjoy family.

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Christmas Eve we relaxed at my parents house. Jameson really started enjoying the dogs and wanted to pet them all the time. They are quite a bit more tolerant than Sasha is at home!




Jameson skipped a nap; he may have fallen asleep for about 20 minutes or so but all the activity downstairs had his attention. A couple of my dad’s friends came over, one bringing a huge locally smoked ham for our dinner that night.


You would never know that Jameson had skipped a nap though. He was cheerful and running around until the end of the day! He did so well sleeping at my parents house in the big boy bed.


(Here he is wearing my brother’s socks which he actually put on all by himself!)

Christmas Tree

For a few moments he sat still, playing with my brother and dad’s old cars. I was excited to take a few photos without flash for it.

We all attended church post Jameson being in bed, rotating with my parents. It was a little too much for me to imagine taking him to the service. Maybe next year he will be better at sitting still!

And then Santa came!

Christmas Day

Santa brings Jameson 3 gifts (plus a stocking). This year, Santa brought him new eyeball shirts for spring, new Dr. Suess books, and his very own laptop. He’s pretty funny with the laptop. It’s a little outside his age still but he will sometimes sit with it on his lap like mom and dad do.

He wanted to put on one of the eyeball shirts, but when he noticed there was a sticker on there, he wanted the sticker instead!


Jameson got a lot of great gifts, and he just loved opening everything. He continued to be a very neat unwrapper.

He wanted to help Uncle Tyler put batteries in his brand new music player! And Aunt Holly played with his new pegboard.



My sister, brother and I each got a beautiful handmade quilt from my mom, made from our t-shirts. I thought the big sister shirt, saved from when I was 4 years old, was adorable.

T-Shirt Quilt


Then it was time to open stockings, and as soon as Jameson saw his first prize, he wanted nothing to do with anything else!


Goldfish are always a hit.

He has also been pretty entertained by his very first slinky! (Once we rounded him back up from hiding with his snack, anyway)

Opening Stockings

We watched Jameson’s new movie, The Lorax, which only captured his attention for about 15 minutes. We were all entertained by it though!

By early that evening, we were packing up to leave. There was a blizzard warning to start overnight; not wanting to get caught in that, we headed out.

Not without a few family photos first!

Meemaw and Jameson

For being such a good sport with photos, he got a slice of bologna!



(Yes, those are batman pants! We call them his lounge wear, and he gets to wear them most weekends.)

(Yes, he is trying to put a sock on his hand. What a funny kid!)

It was such a nice visit, and great to spend it with my side of the family for the holidays this year.

He didn’t sleep at all going home though, which made the ride tough! He has begun asking for “itsy bitsy ipad” (an app I have), which makes me laugh. I am not sure what parents did before the ipad!

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Last Saturday, we headed down after swimming lessons and lunch to my parents house. (After being dunked for the first time! Thrice!) It was my mom’s birthday, and we were due to celebrate not just hers but three December birthdays at once. Holly is first on 12/4, followed by Jameson and then my mom on 12/22.

Jameson was okay during the trip. He no longer sleeps in the car, as we discovered several times throughout longer car rides this holiday season, but with plenty of snacks, books and the ipad, he was okay. He was excited to open gifts when we arrived. I am pretty sure he thinks December means an endless supply of unwrapping gifts.


No one had a problem with allowing him to assist in opening all the gifts, not just his own.

Disney Gifts

Jameson got a few Disney gifts including a plate and new hat from Meemaw and Grandpa.


I was surprised that he took right to his meemaw, grandpa, uncle and aunt, since it had been awhile. I guess we talk about them enough that he felt he already knew them! Although it should be no surprise he took right to Aunt Holly since he is around a lot of young ladies working at his school!


My delicate unwrapper neatly tossed all the wrapping paper to the nearest adult to put in the trash.


Jameson opened a new eyeball shirt from Meemaw and promptly did a monkey imitation, complete with eee eeee ooo ooo and hands in armpits. We tried to get him to do an instant replay for the entire rest of the holiday. No dice!


No birthday celebration is complete without dessert!

Meemaw enjoyed a red ice cream cupcake and painted her lips bright red with it. (I was smart and chose white for Jameson and I, haha!)



The following day was spent in relaxation and enjoyment of the entire family together for the first time in a long while for Christmas. Jameson loved playing with his relatives, and created new games.


He played “pokey carrots” with grandpa, which had us all in stitches, at least until the 6th or 7th round when we wondered how long the game might last.



He also played with Uncle Tyler and Grandpa’s old matchbox car set.


That night we went out to see Christmas lights at the nearby recreation center, but that’s to come!

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Winning the Weekend

This was a great weekend! I felt like I won (if winning is possible for a weekend?). I got caught up on laundry, made beds everyday, did dishes promptly, decorated Jameson’s bathroom and even got family photos done!

We had swimming lessons on Saturday for the second time (but I haven’t posted about it because Brian hasn’t sent photos to me yet. Brian!?) and that always results in a great nap.

Brian even got to ride his bike during naptime. While at lessons, Brian went to the local market (not as great as a farmers market but it sure comes close). He got a lot of fresh vegetables we have been enjoying.

He also came home with flowers, for no reason. He claimed Jameson requested that he get some for me. I love these boys!


On Saturday afternoon we watched the Lion King, which is Jameson’s favorite movie. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of movies yet, but this one he enjoys watching the beginning and really managed to watch a lot of it while playing. He loves naming all the animals and does so without prompting. I love hearing him say “zebah”

Brian enjoyed him laying next to him for awhile. It’s a rarity to have him sit still!

Watching TV

Watching TV

There was even time for some flashcard practice! Note the “lela” for umbrella, the “ball” for yarn, “bike” for unicycle and a few other ones repeated after Brian. When he walks away, he tells us he is going to go walk, which made me laugh.

After getting his advent ornament Saturday evening, he walked back to the stockings and proceeded to recite numbers one through seven without prompting or skipping any. We were shocked!

Sunday, we dropped Jameson off at grandma and grandpa’s for the day (who Jameson is now calling “lamb-aw” and “papa”). While he had fun with them, we went winter coat shopping for my belly (success!), lunch and furniture shopping (also reasonable success but no purchases yet).

This was on top of the family photo I captured that morning, which I am not sharing since there was only one perfect one that will be on our Christmas cards. Suffice it to say that everyone is smiling, looking natural and at the camera! Jameson may or may not have been bribed with dice. I am not sure where he got this thing for dice…

Later, Brian managed to find time to make a roast and Jameson had face time with his other grandparents, “meemaw” and grandpa. We opened another stocking, hung it on the tree and had our advent chocolate. Jameson turned on and off light switches, refused most of the meal and was clearly exhausted from his play time that day.

We practiced swimming in the bathtub, I finished Christmas cards (would you believe that I ordered from WalMart? Yes. We’ll see how they come out), and we even relaxed in front of the TV. If only every weekend could be the same!

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Trim the Tree

Saturday it was beautiful out, and we got our Christmas tree. We like to get real trees (I in particular, since I grew up with fake trees, still think it’s a novelty. I think Brian would be happy with either).

Picking out a Tree

This year Jameson helped pick out the tree (or really, just touched them all). He loved watching the worker cut our tree and kept saying “cut” over and over. However, when it came to trimming the tree on Sunday, he was a little less helpful.

I had a whole box of ornaments put away just for Jameson to be able to hang, but you know he didn’t want to hang those ornaments. He wanted to help with all the breakable, shiny and glittery ornaments. He was pretty good with them though for the most part, and handed them over nicely after getting threatened with a timeout once.

Also, he was a big fan of the small bell garland and tried it on, running around with it.

Bell Garland

Brian entertained Jameson for a good while with a collapsible ornament. Jameson kept trying to blow it over, and while Brian tried to get him to kiss it to help it back up, mostly it was just slobber everywhere!



Now that Sasha is only on one floor, she took over the Christmas tree corner, so we had to find a new corner! I rather like the tree near the window now, and it seems a little more spacious. So here it is, in all it’s glory!

Christmas Tree

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Jameson is 21 months, 3 months shy of 2 years old, and like every month before it, it’s hard to believe how fast time has gone by.

This month was a big one for Jameson and I wrote a lot fun things down that he is doing now throughout the whole month.

Singing & Speech – Jameson likes to sing now to the songs he knows. He’s so terribly cute singing the P and Z and Me in the ABC’s song and making an “o” face when singing the wheels on the bus go ‘roooouuund. Among his favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s and Old McDonald (Ee ii ee ii oh). He does a lot of imitation now and will imitate during the If You’re Happy and You Know It song as well as during any other activity!

His two word sentences have slowly increased, and we even heard him saying “no no mommy” over and over to himself to help him fall asleep one night, and “mommy bye bye” another night. Some new words are “apple”, “apple juice”, “pouch” (this one is very distinct and is our word for the little baby food pouches he loves), “knock knock” “boo boo”, “brush” (as in brush teeth daddy!), and “watch” (as in Elmo TV).

Food & Eating – He is getting pickier about only eating things he recognizes and knows he likes. It’s a trial every night to get him to try everything on his plate which sometimes involves bribery for Elmo and doesn’t always work. He currently thinks most everything is “hot” and blows on it. Last night at dinner he was blowing and making the symbol for quiet though, and I think he really was trying to show quiet after we told him to use his indoor voice. He likes to stick his tongue out when we wipe his face and eat the paper towel, which is funny.

We did go back to offering milk at bedtime when he doesn’t eat a lot at dinner, and he enjoys it still. We stopped using the sleeper blanket bag toward the end of this month and are using a pillow pet and blanket (he loves soft things!). No signs of molars that we can see, though that doesn’t mean they’re not there, we don’t go poking back amongst those chompers much.

Skills – Jameson now will get on his belly in the bath tub without fear for fun; he has successfully blown his very first bubbles; and he added a new symbol to his bedtime book by flexing his arm for the word “exercise” (dad taught him that).

This weekend he demonstrated his new skill with puzzles, especially the Melissa and Doug ones which show the same puzzle piece after it’s removed for easy recognition of proper placement for the puzzle piece. We also removed the bottom of his Cozy Coupe and he motors it himself. He also does the more advanced shape sorter now instead of just the coin sorter, and he tries to put on his own shoes, socks and clothes on (without too much success… yet)

“All Done Mom!”

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