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Last week, Jameson got his very first bloody nose.

I don’t have any photos of it, because it was a bloody nose. No, I did NOT go running for the camera. Yes, I DID think about it (and thought about artistic ways to take pictures of bloody kleenix. Officially insane). Instead, Brian and I argued about which way was better, head forward or back, and having seen some pretty awful bloody noses (and knowing that we can’t trust Brian’s childhood memory), I won.

Head forward. Nose pinched, but we didn’t do that since Jameson was bawling. Not quit sure what Jameson did, since I was doing dishes and Brian was in the living room, but he tripped and fell flat on his face in the kitchen.

Oh, I did have Brian tweak his nose to make sure it wasn’t broken. Also, I was thankful that we didn’t lose any more teeth. And it was over in about 5 minutes, with Elmo watching and some juice.


I’m in a bit of a rut here, blogging-wise and photography-wise. I went to edit my photos from the zoo and our visit to great-grandma, and then I stopped. The photos I took seemed uninspired and obligatory, much the way I’ve been feeling lately. The real camera has spent most of the week put away, in lieu of my iphone which is so easy and quick. I’ll get to them, soon.

It’s kind of a burned out feeling, like what I’ve been doing has started to feel like work and less like play. And this is important to want to enjoy recording life events and Jameson’s milestones and achievements, so I’m trying to put a no-pressure attitude on it to return to my old self.

So, if you’ve been missing my posts, I’m sorry, I know, I think I’ll look back on July and be like, did we do anything in July!?

We did:

  • We got new office furniture. I’m going to take a photo, but we’re not really done setting it up yet and some of the old stuff is in other rooms, but maybe I’ll just take an in progress picture and show you the awesome-ness that is now our office. Soon, I promise.
  • Brian went to Vegas, I went to my parents.
  • Sasha went to the vet, all checked out fine. She has a cyst on her eyelid we are watching. She is turning 10 this year, which I think means we need to have a dog birthday party!
  • We got UVerse installed, so there was a lot of Olympic and recorded TV watching to catch up
  • We finally saw friends Matt & Carrie’s new house, while Jameson and Nicholas played (together even! It was cute)
  • Went to the farmers market a few times
  • Watched fireworks from our porch
  • Went to the zoo with the neighbors
  • Watched my gladiolas bloom (clippings inside are so nice) and my hibiscus plant explode.
  • Dinner at grandma and grandpas
  • Visit to great-grandma’s and seeing Brian’s side of the family
  • Also, on the work side of things, our interns last day was last week, and one of my teammates has returned from maternity leave. Things are looking up on that front, so I am thankful for that.

P.S. Excuse my bra strap. Classy.

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It was an outdoor weekend: perfect weather for it! And it was a bittersweet weekend.

It started out somber, of course. Brian’s grandfather’s funeral was Friday morning and calling hours Thursday afternoon and evening. He lived a long (91 years!) full life, the last of his siblings to pass away. We feel fortunate that he was able to meet Jameson twice.

Brian’s grandmother passed away several years past, and the service this time was similar to hers. The tough part was actually the military honor and playing of Taps at the end. It was beautiful and terribly heart-wrenching. He was a veteran of WWII.

We opted to leave Jameson at daycare for both calling hours and the funeral; I left to pick Jameson up Thursday before the second set. It was better that way since he wouldn’t understand or tolerate the sitting and standing (and lack of toys). While I’m sure he would’ve lightened the mood, it would only have been for a half hour before he became antsy, I’m certain!


But on that lovely Friday evening, Brian got out the “bounce house” for Jameson to try the very first time. Lily wasn’t happy about it (she may not remember, but she did go in it at her first birthday part last year). The pump does make a pretty loud noise though.

Jameson wanted me to go in with him every time, which after some 10 or so times got a little old.

By the end of the weekend, he finally did go in and through it all by himself! (With close watching by mom and dad, since the activity is for ages 3 and up)

We meandered (well, Jameson ran over) to Lily’s house for a while. She had all kinds of great toys for him to play with.

She has a Cozy Coupe (he does too, but he didn’t know it yet *wink wink*) and he spent time going in and out of that. And letting dad drive him up and down the sidewalk.

It was a great way to end the day that started out so sad.

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The tooth fairy needed to pay her very first visit to our household on Wednesday, 5/2. She decided, due to the circumstances surrounding the too-early event and Jameson’s lack of interest in money just yet, to double up a contribution to his 529 account this month (well, sometime this year anyway since she needs to save up a little for it) to pay for college.

Fortunately, the tooth loss could have been a lot worse. I mean, it could’ve been better by, you know, not having knocked it out in the first place. But, it is was it is, or whatever the heck trite saying you’d like to use.

I’m sure Jameson, his future self reading this, probably thinks it was awesome. We’ll probably tell him that he got beat up by a 6 year old or something, because that sounds more awesome.

Totally not true.

Anyway, Wednesday just before noon, I got a call from Brian to my work phone. Apparently my cell phone wasn’t picking up any calls (and I still have no record of missing any). He said that the daycare called and Jameson knocked out a tooth.

The first words out of my mouth were along the lines of “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

They said that he knocked it out by flinging himself forward in one of those small chairs he was strapped into.

And I can’t help but question if they were even watching him. They have 10 kids, and 2 teachers. One teacher was changing his diaper, which left the other with 9 children. 9! Even though the one changing diapers could see into the room, her hands were full (literally. ew).

Well and so. I called the doctor, who told us it was a dental issue (wasn’t really thinking of that but, of course, yes it is a dental issue). They recommended a pediatric dentist, and she wasn’t in the office but graciously gave me a bit of background on baby teeth to be prepared.

And then I called and got him in to our family dentist; at this point I really didn’t have any idea how bad it was. The daycare said he was fine, but their fine and my fine are completely different things. Or maybe they’re not, but I felt like they were.

I picked Jameson up at the daycare where he was drinking milk and snacking in the kitchen with one of his teachers (not the one who was supposed to be supervising him, who I haven’t interacted with before at all). And yes, he was fine! albeit tired since it was nap time.

They gave me the tooth in a cup of milk which they labeled “tooth cup”. Supposedly milk keeps a tooth strong. But here’s the thing about baby teeth: You don’t typically put them back in, because they can fuse to the bone and cause many other problems.

Jameson fell asleep on the way and Brian met us there, so we let Jameson sleep on him for a bit while the dentist did some poking around.

We finally needed a different angle though and jostling him around (and presumably waking up to a stranger with those scary gloves in his face) made him wake up a touch cranky. We held him down for a minute so the dentist could get a better look and check his other teeth.

The verdict? No xray because he probably wouldn’t still still, but after looking at the tooth, and checking his gums, it appears that the entire tooth, root and all, came out. Which is good, because it means no surgery. It also means he’ll have that gap for another 4-7 years until the permanent one grows in.

Orthodontia problems? Probably, since the baby tooth won’t be there as a spacer. However, both Brian and I had braces anyway, so not a surprise.

Aside: Another little boy I know of had a fractured front tooth and needed a root canal! So we are thankful for small blessings.

Another aside: The dentist told us his 2 year old daughter had just knocked out her top tooth recently too. It’s reasonably common, but still upsetting.

Here it is, the tooth he only had for about 7 months. Wish I had a macro lens, just for this:

But let me tell you, my superficial little heart still hurts for his smile terribly.

And, I am still so very angry at the daycare (as needless or meaningless as it might be, since accidents happen anywhere, anytime, no matter who is watching).

We are making jokes. Jameson is clearly fine, he didn’t even need any pain reliever. He cried for just a moment when he saw blood, but never for pain. One tough little dude.


But. It is what it is.


P.S. Guess my baby’s child modeling career is over before it’s begun. Sigh… (just kidding)

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This week has been beautiful. I am so happy to see flowers popping up everywhere (except my house because we don’t have any early blooming flowers or trees). Brian cooked out on the grill for the first time this season, and Jameson loves to watch.

We’ve been taking long walks in the wagon, where I will give Jameson flowers that are growing around the open lots by our house. Except they’re not really flowers, they’re weeds, but Jameson doesn’t know that.

They’re small and yellow and he holds them the whole ride (without eating! most of the time) and he gives me a big grin whenever I give it to him. I need to capture this on camera. Him holding the little delicate flower without eating or shredding it to pieces is momentous in my mind.

The only unfortunate part of the week was this. Oh, and the fact that it ends tomorrow with rain and cooler weather.

He crashed into his toy when he tripped and fell (actually, a little plastic wheelbarrow that I shouldn’t have been letting him play with ANYWAY because it’s an Easter gift. Oops). It’s already looking much better though.

Here’s to more blue skies and happy weather. (I’m raising my water bottle here at work, but pretend it’s a lovely wine glass, will ya?)

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This day last year I was making the decision whether or not to see my grandma in the hospital before she was going to be taken off the machines keeping her alive. I was at work, deciding what I wanted my last memories of my grandma to be.


I think it’s better in some ways to know when death is going to happen, so that you can prepare yourself. But in other ways, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


My last memories of my grandma were not at the hospital. I opted not to go. She wasn’t really aware, and I was pregnant and didn’t think that I would be able to handle it well.


I had actually gone to visit my grandma just days earlier, the previous weekend. I am so thankful I did.


But that last visit is not really how I want to remember her either.


Grandma was frail, moved in inches across the carpet. She needed help in the bathroom since she had broken a wrist.


She had a nurse, but the nurse left while we visited. I wasn’t prepared for that. I told Brian that while I was glad I had seen her, I hoped someone would be with me next time.


We had grilled cheese, which seemed to be the only thing she would eat.


We talked for a while: about the baby (which she told others she thought was a girl by the way I was carrying). We talked about family (always some drama). We talked about her housekeeper (who could never do a good enough job), her nurses (who she loved much more than I thought she would).


I told her before I left that she needed to be careful and let that wrist heal so she could hold my baby.

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In Honor Of

A pretty terrible thing happened yesterday. A really terrible thing, on a real scale, rather than the exaggerated funny terrible of yesterday’s post. Today I am at my parents, and time is moving forward, but I’m stuck in a little time warp of my own mind. Next week, I may be scattered with posting, with life things.

Here is this week’s old photo, in honor of my grandma.

This is a school picture, appropriate for the time of year, I think. It’s of my grandma’s mother, Ida. I am not sure exactly where she is in the photo, although my grandma pointed her out to me before.

Ida was born to Godfrey and Louise in 1896. She married Carl, who owned a refrigeration company, and they had six children, one son and five girls! The eldest girl was my grandmother.

The first house Ida and Carl owned had just four rooms and no bathroom or running water. They got electricity when my grandma was about 6 years old, and lived in it for 12 more years. I am trying to imagine six children in four rooms and no indoor plumbing, (because yes, all were born here before they moved out of this house according to my grandma), but I can’t. It was a different time.

Ida was a member of the Methodist church and part of the Ladies Quilting Circle. She enjoyed sewing and gardening; My grandma remembered her beautiful rose gardens.

I hope that all these kids grew up, had families, had fulfilling lives, like Ida and my grandmother did.

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It’s been a rough couple weeks for us. The week before last, my Grandma passed away relatively suddenly. I had only just gone to see her the weekend before, which was both good and upsetting that life can change so quickly. She was hospitalized after becoming ill the following evening. Grandma aspirated into her lungs during a procedure and developed pneumonia which ended up being too much for her. We took her off the ventilator and she passed peacefully. I spent most of my weekend then at her house with family, going through pictures, and making the memorial boards for her.

I am disappointed and sad that she will not be around to meet our baby. The weekend prior, we had just been talking about how she needed to be patient with her wrist which she had broken recently and let it heal so that she could hold the baby. She didn’t tell me, but told my aunt and uncle that after she saw me and the way I was carrying, she thought it is a girl. It was hard seeing her the previous weekend, fairly helpless without the use of her wrist, but harder and still somewhat weird to think that she will never be in that house again.

The same week, I took a gestational diabetes test. I had failed the hour long screening test at the doctor’s office, and had to go to the hospital to take the three hour test. Brian decided to spend the entire time with me which was very nice to have company. They take your blood after fasting, and then every hour for three hours after drinking the glucose solution. It came out that I do have gestational diabetes. My fasting numbers were normal, the first hour was barely normal, but the following two were undoubtedly abnormal.

So far, this hasn’t affected my diet too much, simply because I haven’t been able to meet with the diabetes counselor yet. They weren’t able to schedule me until nearly two weeks after diagnosis. I am seeing the counselor and taking a class tomorrow morning. The doctor told me that I will be given a meter which I will use to take my blood sugar levels two hours after every meal. At my next appointment two weeks from now, we will look at my levels and determine whether the diabetes can be controlled with diet alone or if medication is needed.

The diabetes is disappointing, because I very much like my carbs and sugar! So hopefully things will be back to normal shortly after baby Peapod is born.

This past weekend I spent at my parents’ and helped my sister get ready for Homecoming dance for her Senior year. Holly had a lovely dress and I straightened her hair and did her make up! It was a lot of fun and she had a blast for her first dance. On Sunday, I went to an old friend’s new house, Katie, who is also pregnant and due two weeks after me. We had a get together with a bunch of us old high school friends, which was great. Katie’s nursery is an antique and monkey theme (Monkeys were her husband’s choice!)

My nursery is just about finished; we have hung up all our photos upstairs finally and included the baby room pictures. So soon we should be able to take photos! All I need is a mattress, so that I can properly show off the bedding.

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about names! So far, Brian has been willing to tell me what he really doesn’t like, but has not shared his favorite names. So the names I have picked so far haven’t been officially approved. However, we have decided on middle names. If it’s a boy, the middle name will be Charles after his grandfather; if it’s a girl the middle name with either be Rose (my own middle name) or Eleanor (after my grandma on my mom’s side). I did debate briefly about using my recently passed Grandma’s name which is Genevieve, but right now I am leaning away from it, for a couple reasons. 1) She hated her name and always said that and 2) I am not sure I could hear the name without feeling sad about it right now.

That’s all for now! As soon as I hook up my camera I’ll have a few more pictures of Grandma’s memorial boards and her house; I’m also waiting on some nice photos of my sister in her Homecoming dress!

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