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Five weeks old! Coraline went from no expressions to some smiles this week.

She also got to meet Lisa and not-so-baby anymore Vivenne. We actually saw them twice this week, again when we went to the playground, though Coraline slept through that!

Over the weekend at one month old, she seemed to give us some first really focused smiles. Since then, I’ve seen about one a day. It’s always so wonderful to see that delighted reaction from them after caring for them without gratification so long.

Also note the baby acne began this week suddenly. It doesn’t seem too bad, but I also minimize it is pictures ;) you may be able to tell another photo where I did some editing on her tongue. She may have thrush, so we decided yesterday to to treat it as if she does. There are no other symptoms, and she’s had it for a couple weeks already with no change.

Jameson also seems to note that she’s gotten heavier. After putting her in his lap for a moment, he requested instead that she should sit next to him!

Brian’s childhood friend Hollie came to visit on Saturday with her three girls. Coraline slept while Jameson played Mr. potato head with the girls. He loved that they were willing to zoom him around in his bilibo; he event threw himself around in it after the game was over.

Sunday, my parents came up to visit, so our weekend was kept busy again!

Five weeks gone; next week, we will be halfway done with maternity leave and hopefully well into consistent spring weather!

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Finally, spring weather seems to be here to stay!

This weekend, we got out a lot, even with a newborn and toddler. Saturday, we went to the meat market to stock up on fresh chicken and beef, and then stopped at the farmers market on the way back to pick up some apples for Jameson to take to school during the week.

We played outside, and it is so fun watching Jameson be able to run to through the backyard which is finally drying out a little as well.

It was even warmer on Sunday, and we went to the zoo! We met JP, Lisa and Jonathan there (and we were only about 10 minutes late, haha)

Jameson told us on the way that he was going to see zebahs (we were a little surprised at his choice of animals that he was intending to see, since lions and elephants are in more of the shows that we watch!). We did get to see zebras, but first we saw elephants and the lion, which was on his back, sunbathing.

The trip for Coraline was a bit anticlimactic, since she isn’t observing much yet! But I did breastfeed her, in public (with a drape), which I thought was an accomplishment. Much more convenient than bringing bottles, that’s for sure.

She napped most of the time, and was a little angel for the entire trip. I forgot how much easier newborns really are sometimes.

The toddlers went stroller-free, which was great. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the two strong husbands to carry them when needed. It was so different, looking at Coraline bundled in her stroller and Jameson walking around and thinking that’s only two years away for her. I am regularly reminded of how fast the time goes, and perhaps more appreciative of that fact with her than I was with Jameson.

After some snacks and about an hour and a half at the zoo, we decided to get some lunch.

Lunch was wild! We went to Aladdin’s, and the boys did great with veggies and hummus and pitas, but Jameson clearly needed to go potty and kept refusing. We tried at the zoo at every restroom, and tried again at Aladdins another 3 times. When we spoke logically to him, he said he needed to go potty, but as soon as he saw the restroom, he refused. I am not sure where this fear of public restrooms came from, though I think it’s related to the automatic flushers; Aladdin’s didn’t have them though. Regardless, he started telling us he wanted to go home, and we quickly wrapped it up.

We tried at the public rest area off the highway with similar results. Somehow… he managed to hold it until we got home. I am still not sure how he managed that. This is the first time I have thought that being potty trained has its inconveniences. Not sure how to get him over this fear except to continue trying. Unfortunately, we only have opportunities on the weekends sometimes to get him to go at other restrooms.

Looking for any advice!

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A New Year

I’m finally nearly caught up with all our holiday events! Here we are at New Year, and for the record, I did stay up until about 12:07 and then collapsed into bed. Last year, we stayed over at JP & Lisa’s house. This year, recent sleep troubles and changes (oh, I can’t wait to share details about that!) caused us to decide to make our way home well before midnight for Jameson’s sake.

It took us a while to drive there; the snow that evening was a little unexpected and the roads weren’t great. Luckily, everything was pretty clear by the time we left that night.

Jameson and Jonathan played with Jonathan’s new Christmas gifts, which included a grill. They both were partial to the hotdog.


Hot Dog

They exchanged gifts, and Jameson loved his Elmo hat! For two seconds anyway before he took it off. It’s big enough we should be able to use it for a year or two to come as well!

Opening Gifts

Elmo Hat

We enjoyed an excellent, kid friendly spaghetti and meatball/sausage dish for dinner, and Brian and I brought over our gingerbread, a favorite go-to dessert.


The boys loved the ice cream part!

Ice Cream Bowl

Then? It was playtime! The boys ran around with cars, slid down hallways with the dads and otherwise made mischief.

Sliding Down Hallways





We did have a car injury, which Brian and JP were happy to fix!

Fixing Cars

Later we enjoyed some celebratory champagne, and Jameson and Jonathan had sparkling grape juice. Jonathan gulped his right down while Jameson lingered sipping. They both wanted more though we thought more sugar that evening would be a bad idea!

Grape Juice

We had Jameson and Jonathan give each other hugs goodbye, and while most of them ended up with the two of them in a heap on the floor, we did capture a few cute moments. Jameson actually did a good job hugging back!



Jameson, as per usual now, didn’t sleep in the car even though it was 10:30 and well past his bed time. We had him home and in bed before the ball drop, so we were able to see the New Year just Brian and I before heading to bed ourselves, exhausted.

Exhausted will probably be one of my words to describe this year, I’m sure!

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We weren’t originally going to have a party for Jameson, but I got it in my head to make some invitations and it was all over after that.


We did tone it down quite a bit as compared to last year, and banners and party favors were purchased at a party store. They make it so easy! We also invited quite a few less people so the house wasn’t so crowded.

The other Elmo touches were brought in by our cupcakes and fruit tray, inspiration courtesy of Pinterest.

Elmo Cupcakes

Elmo Cupcakes

The cupcakes themselves were a box mix (had to make something easy!); the mouths are Oreos which were tough to cut right. The eyes are large marshmallows, cut in half, and topped with store-bought brownie icing pupils. The noses are candy orange slices.

The icing was the hardest part. I borrowed a fancy icing tool from a friend and used a star tip to get the fur effect, and by the end my thumb was numb for a day or so! We used the red food dye in a tube from the bakery aisle to get the very red color, and used the majority of the small tube for it.

Elmo Fruit Tray

Elmo Fruit Tray

We thought we would half left-over fruit for sure, but as it turns out, young kids love fruit! And parents love giving it to them. We had no fruit left! Brian also made little hot dogs, buffalo chicken dip and a jarlsberg cheese dip. We didn’t actually have that much food left over this time.

And that was about it for Elmo decor! From there, it was all about Jameson, his friends, gifts, blowing out the candle and capturing all those moments on camera.

Playing with Grandma

Jameson’s cousin Griffin loved playing with the boys. He played fort, ball, and assisted wherever he could! Jameson and Jonathan loved him.



Lily, another one of the older kids of the bunch (though only by about 6 months or s0!), also wanted to be a helper! Jameson didn’t mind at all. He’s pretty expert at opening gifts now, but extra hands never hurt!

Opening Gifts

Opening Gifts

Opening Card

I had dad help with most of the unwrapping so I could capture the moments on camera. Jameson was very serious about his gift opening, rarely pausing to relax. This was one of the photos where I actually caught a reaction from him.


Jameson got some new books from mom and dad!

Mr Potato Head

One of the other big hits was the tools. Brian said yesterday Jameson was playing with his toy tape measure and wrapping it around his head (like they did at the doctor’s office just last week!)


Brian’s Uncle Mike and cousins Gabrielle and Griffin gave Jameson extra large gifts!

Big Gifts

Big GIfts

Perfect for his current love of the Lion King and wild animals! Jameson got a couple wild animal playsets. We can’t wait to get these set up for him!

We followed gift opening with dessert!


Blowing out Candles

Jameson actually blew out his own candle! Way to go Jameson!

Eating Cupcakes


He knew they were Elmo cupcakes! Jameson’s friend Jonathan also knew it was Elmo and got very upset when his dad pulled off one of the eyeballs, it was too funny!

After dessert, it was play time again!

Playing Keep Away

Included in the party favors (which I may or may not have forgotten to mention to the first party-leavers, oops!) were whistles, which I’m sure all the parents loved. Jameson’s doesn’t leave his mouth!


We had been telling Jameson “Happy Birthday” all day long, with his response occasionally being “happy day”. Without prompting, at bed time and after goodnights, he told me “happy day!” so sweetly. Yes it was Mr. Jameson!

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The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, we went to our friends JP, Lisa and Jonathan’s house for dinner and their local parade, which ends in Santa waving hello to all the kids!

First of all, Jonathan was ready for a dance party in the living room! Jameson wasn’t so sure about it though and didn’t want to dance. That’s okay, Jonathan was awesome enough for the two of them!

They enjoyed snacks before dinner (and I enjoyed a mocktail).

Then there was a minor scuffle over the broom. Both boys wanted to clean up. I am not sure how long this stage lasts, but I am pretty happy that Jameson wants to be involved in everything we do, which includes chores.

Luckily, there were two different brooms for the kids.

Dinner was excellent. JP and Lisa made an outrageously good macaroni and cheese, rich and creamy with winter greens, bacon and premium cheeses. Mmmmm…

For dessert, we enjoyed pumpkin bars. Jameson even ate some! (And not just the whipped cream this time)

Then it was off to the parade! The boys aren’t as easily contained by strollers anymore, and quickly wanted out and on dads’ shoulders or walking around. (Jonathan was expert at kicking his shoes off)

Jameson enjoyed the trucks and the dogs in the parade, though the loud noises occasionally startled him. They handed out free glow wands which are battery powered, so we’ve gotten some further use out of these since then.

We enjoyed seeing Santa as well, though it was even more fun to get up close and personal the following week! The parade was fun, and we got to see some lights and get into the holiday spirit. It’s after Thanksgiving now, so I don’t have to hide my Christmas music anymore ;)


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Halloween started off last Friday with our neighborhood party! They have the party every year, though this is the first year we’ve participated. Neighbors either pay $5 or host a “station” at their house for kids to come visit.

Okay, the first time Jameson put this costume on, it was a fight! He screamed like we were cutting off his legs, poor thing. Brian and I looked at each other, and did what any good parent would do (right?) and we forced him into it. I’m sure we were both thinking “It’ll be good for you! Fun! Come on!”

He did end up enjoying himself, and the costume was perfect for this awful hurricane-generated rain that we’ve had since that Friday through today still. Still! He stayed warm and dry the entire time, and he loved staying up late. Jameson got a little slap happy at the end.

First stop was a photo station and then pumpkin ring toss. Jameson got a spider as his prize. Oh, and he also had a wonderful new eyeball necklace that lit up from the party favor station when we arrived too. He loves that necklace!

This is Nathan and Jameson, his buddy from school. Nathan was dressed as Thing 1, and his sister as Thing 2. We stopped at their house since they had a s’more station! The boys just had some graham crackers.

We also hopped aboard the hay ride tractor, which Jameson loved. He stared at the tractor the entire time and waved bye bye when we finished.

One of the neighbors is in a real Kiss cover band and had a photo booth there as well. Jameson refused until Brian picked him up. This photo is hilarious!

At the end of the evening, the snack station opened and Lily stopped by for a bit. This photo of Jameson climbing on her stroller made me laugh. He wanted her to come out and play! The night was getting late though and it was cold and misty, so we headed back home shortly after that.

On Saturday, we went to the Akron Zoo for Boo at the Zoo with JP, Lisa & Jonathan.

At least Jameson didn’t mind the costume as much this time, but by the face he’s making in all the pictures you wouldn’t know it. He seems very concerned!

But mostly I think he has a solemn face when he is taking things in and absorbing new experiences.

We rode the merry-go-round, which Jameson loved! He didn’t want to leave or say bye to the polar bear, he had so much fun!

The Akron Zoo is smaller, so we made the rounds pretty quick. I took a few inside, but then it started to rain so I didn’t get any more outdoor photos.

I love how he looks when you take a picture of the back of the costume, with the eyeballs up. Also, yes, he is wearing his eyeball necklace from the previous night again.

After the zoo, we went to Luigi’s for lunch, which I had been craving, so that was perfect! Jameson and Jonathan did really well with dinner, and Jameson ate rigatoni though no ravioli.

He finally ate filled pasta for the first time at daycare the other day; they said he ate it all (either that, or it was all on the floor and they couldn’t tell what he ate, right?!)

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the bad weather this week, our city Trick or Treat has been rescheduled to Sunday, which nice. By the time Halloween festivities are over, Jameson will have worn his costume for 4 days! Lots of adorable pictures of him in Elmo.

Yesterday on Halloween we didn’t lack for Halloween celebration; I went to his school’s Halloween Party and took some photos. More on that to come!

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This year, since Jameson has been so excited about pumpkins, I wanted to take him to a real pumpkin patch to do a “pick your own” experience. We had the opportunity to see Hollie and her three girls again this year because they have a patch near by! There are plenty a lot closer to us, but Jameson loves the girls and we thought it would be a great experience for him. He had a blast!

We went to Burnham Orchards on a crisp but not cold fall day. The ride up there, Jameson shouted “whoa tuck” every time we passed a truck on the highway!

We put Jameson in the cart for pumpkins and wheeled him out to the long rows of pumpkins. When we took him out, he immediately ran around to all the pumpkins without rhyme or reason. It was hard to get a shot of this active toddler!

They had cut back the plants, but that was okay. I enjoyed the space and less crowds in comparison to Patterson’s, which we went to last year.

Jameson did try and pick up quite a few pumpkins, exclaiming “heavy”. He was only able to pick up one pumpkin that Natalie found for him. The rest were too big for him to lift!

We did see lots of starter pumpkins or “baby pumpkins” as we told Jameson.

We came home with two in his jacket pockets. It’s what he was looking at when we tried to get a family photo unsuccessfully.

When we were all done, we tossed him back in the cart with the pumpkins, which he loved.

There were lots of activities for kids, but many were for kids older than Jameson. While the girls got their faces painted, we tossed Jameson in some straw. He wasn’t sure at first, but he quickly asked to get in again after the first round.

We went inside the market for apples and to pay, and they had some small apples for free that we gave to Jameson. I thought for sure he would give it back, not realizing how to eat the whole apple or licking the skin alone, but he knew exactly what to do with it!

He enjoyed the fresh apple a lot. We all piled back in the cars then to head out to Vermillion to the Soda Pop Grill, a cute small-town restaurant in the style of old soda fountain shops. It took us a while to get our food, but even well past he nap time, Jameson was entertaining the girls and vise versa with giggles and noises.

We all enjoyed a home style lunch before heading to the candy and candle stores, before finally heading home. Jameson (and I) crashed on the way home.

We dropped Jameson off at grandma and grandpa’s for the rest of the afternoon and overnight for our date night then! Brian and I went to see a movie, dinner appetizers, and home to enjoy a restful evening.

The following day, we worked hard on his room and consolidating the office and craft spaces. Brian even got to brew beer in between building and painting Jameson’s nightstand before Jameson came home from a very enjoyable, fun-filled weekend!

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