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She’ll be a month old on Saturday when we’ll get to start the first of her monthly photos. Can you believe it!?

Coraline is turning out to be a very mellow baby pretty consistently (it doesn’t seem like it’s just a fluke of newborn-ness right now).

The only exception is when she gets tired. If you let her get over tired, it becomes pretty difficult to get her to go to sleep, and she usually needs to suck.

At the first sign of fussiness now, I will try her in another position in case she is bored, and if she doesn’t settle, I’ll begin swaying her to sleep. She really only gets fussy when she is tired or very hungry, and sometimes just bored. And even hunger she will grunt for a while as a warning before the all-out-yelling begins.

This week I really felt like I am understanding her wants and needs better and our days have run very smoothly recently. More smoothly, I think, than they did with Jameson.

Some differences, which make it really clear how different babies really can be:

  • Jameson always seemed bored, like he needed a lot of stimulation and activity. I was thankful for daycare for this reason; so far, Coraline doesn’t seem to need this same kind of stimulation. She likes to look at faces a lot, and observing the world around her seems enough, for now. I’m guessing she may smile sooner than he did, but we’ll see!
  • Coraline doesn’t take a pacifier (we’ve tried four), and has a big preference for breastfeeding. She had her first bottle which went well, but the two we gave her since then she hasn’t taken, which makes me nervous. The key seems to be that she is confusing us between when she is hungry and when she is overtired and just wants to suckle herself to sleep. Jameson was always a bit of a struggle with breastfeeding (especially at her age now), and took pacifiers and bottles easily.
  • She doesn’t seem to spit up as much as Jameson did.

  • Coraline is a very loud sleeper, grunting and whining a lot. She is fine though without vibration or a pacifier once asleep.
  • She likes the swing! Hurray for a baby who likes the swing!
  • Jameson pooped once every 5 days or so (this is a normal, though not very common, occurrence with breastfed babies). Coraline is of the much more common several-times-a-day pooper (though thankfully not often at night). Consequently, while he seemed frequently gassy, Coraline doesn’t often.
  • She likes to be on her belly. Jameson used to hate to be on his belly, unless he was completely and totally already asleep. She seems to find it comforting.

And similarities: Coraline and Jameson both seem to be pretty good sleepers at this age, getting up between one and two times a night, most often just once. They like to be swaddled too! And obviously, they look very similar, especially when I put her in some of the gender neutral sleepers (heck, even some of the boy outfits too!). She is more filled out than he was, but many features are similar.

She has good head control already, which I credit to being at a higher birth weight and overall more mass to support that head! It probably helps that she likes to be on her belly, so we put her in that position more, too.

This week she also started to coo every once in a while (maybe a couple times a day). I tried to get it on video, but once I brought the camera out, she sneezed and started crying. A sign of things to come?

Jameson continues to be an excellent big brother. Last night, she was crying on her playmat while Brian and I finished eating quickly. Jameson, already finished, got a book and went over to her, trying to read to her. It was very sweet; when it didn’t work, he yelled to us that she was crying.

Whenever she cries, he tells us that she needs a diaper change. He likes to say “ewww stinky” when we do change her diaper; meanwhile laughing with pride at his own accomplishments on the potty. Kids are funny!

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Coraline’s turning 3 weeks old tomorrow, and for some reason that seems much older than the 2 weeks she was… what, days ago?

She is starting to pick up on a few of Jameson’s habits: staying awake and struggling at times to fall asleep (and at other times, she passes out without trouble… the whim of babies!)

She typically stays awake 1-2 hours at a time after a feeding about twice a day at this point. This morning, it was 3 hours, struggling to fall back asleep a few times before success.

Coraline had a few adventures during my first full week without Brian home; we went to Target and the grocery store (the grocery store was a fast trip, since she was awake and fussing!). We visited our baby friend Adelyn, who was born just hours after her at the same hospital. A co-worker came to visit and brought a lovely meal (which lasted me days!), and we had a pro clean the house (way overdue).

Lily and Peyton came to visit from next door; they aren’t too pleased I am blocking their view of the tv here, which made me laugh.

Peyton is 7 months old here and seems to big compared to our newborn baby Coraline!

Jameson began showing a bit of jealousy on occasion. Nothing too extreme, and all he wants is to be held. Overall, he has still been really great with her and has shown not an ounce of violence or meanness to her. He wants attention from mom and dad, and luckily, Coraline has been a good baby, and we are able to give it to him in the evenings without too much trouble. We have still been taking turns with bedtimes with him and he is still getting plenty of mom time even though I am feeding her a lot. (A lot!)

Grandma and Aunt Melissa came over last weekend for lasagna dinner (and again over Easter) so Jameson has seen a lot of family and really enjoyed that attention. Papa showed him spinning coins, a progression from spinning coasters!

Obviously there’s been a lot of picture-taking at our house! Jameson has recently been taking my phone and telling Coraline to say cheese and smile! I have shown him how to hit the camera button, and he has taken his first few photos (very unfocused and not of baby Coraline without assistance). He did manage to get pictures of feet the other day though!

Anyway, Jameson has been pretty tolerant of all the photo taking, and I took a few of them in their Big Brother, Little Sister shirts since Coraline seems apt to outgrow her newborn clothes a lot quicker than Jameson did.

Shortly after the above photo was taken, Coraline sneezed all over Jameson, and Jameson refused to take any more photos! Haha!

We also bundled up and walked over to the neighbor’s in the snow (snow!), since Kelly hadn’t had the opportunity that Lily and Peyton did to meet her yet. (Mid-yawn:)

And finally, she suffered my traditional “baby on a bookshelf” photos that Jameson did, so I will have matching photos of them. Jameson’s was taken at one month old, but I wanted them of a similar size, and she is already larger than he was at a month.

We were excited that it finally warmed up enough on Friday last week to go on her very first walk; in fact, she went on two when another co-worker dropped by later that evening with her twins!

We managed to keep really busy last week, but this week is shaping up to be a little lighter, which is probably good. After the warm up to the 50’s though on Friday and Saturday, we have woken up to snow each morning (that typically melts by noon, but still!). I am still waiting for a final turn around to spring weather…


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We all enjoyed Coraline’s first week at home, but I am getting antsy to get out some more and hope the weather turns around soon so we can all go on walks together in the evenings.

Coraline as I’ve mentioned seems pretty laid back. So far, she hasn’t taken to the pacifier but its still early. Mostly, shes pretty content while awake. She is usually awake for a couple hours at a time, and gets frustrated when she can’t fall asleep or when she is really hungry or cold. She smacks her lips and makes little baby grunts at night when she’s hungry, which I awaken to, for now, since she’s right next to our bed in the bassinet.

My mom came up on Sunday through Friday last week, which was convenient and enjoyable, especially for providing a little extra entertainment for Jameson while he was home from school ill. Coraline wore her green for St. Patrick’s Day most of the day, before she had an accident!

My mom also helped me take newborn photos of Coraline, who only really messed on the blankets once (but it was a big one! Thankfully mom got the stain out!) She didn’t want to fall asleep, no matter how hard I tried! She was just like Jameson, wanting to stay awake for her official photo shoot. I only got to use the new backdrop stand a little, but it seemed to work really well. I was happy with how her photos came out, and have already ordered her announcements.

It is a good thing we moved so quickly on her newborn photos, since she gets bigger by the day. She was back up and over her birthweight at 4 and a half days old (7 pounds, 3 ounces) and she matches Jameson’s weight at one month old of 7 pounds 6 ounces at one week.

Coraline had her first tummy time, but she was so exhausted from her photo shoot earlier that she passed out right there.

I love her little swirl of hair on the back of her head. She also has a birthmark on the back of her head there and on her forehead and eyelids which will all disappear by one year old. The sweet little eyelid marks are cute though, and I wouldn’t mind if they stayed. Her forehead mark is only apparent when she gets angry for the most part, but it is a pleasant reminder that even though she has a lot of similar features to Jameson, she is her own sweet little person.

Brian also was home from work all last week. We aren’t able to have him home extra like we had off for Jameson, so we are disappointed he has to go back today. Although, Jameson thrives on routine, so it will be good to return to that normal time of getting up and going to school.

She eats really well, which is such a wonderful difference from our first, and she was a little greedy the first few days of life which means my supply is still adjusting to her demand, but it hasn’t been too bad.

Coraline did not enjoy her first bath, but I did better with her second one keeping her warm with water down her back and wash cloth over her chest. It was almost as if I had forgotten how to bathe a newborn (I really had). Her cord still hasn’t entirely fallen off yet, but its still quite a bit easier than dealing with vasoline and a circumcision!

We also got to visit her Great Aunt Carol and meet my cousin Carrie who was in town. It was a lot of activity for our little one week old!

It was our second outing, after the doctors, to go visit Great Aunt Carol, who just had hip surgery. She loved seeing Coraline, and even put her to sleep without a rocking chair or swaying. She has the baby touch!

We were sad to say goodbye to Meemaw on Friday, but we’ll see her again this weekend for Easter, and Coraline will get to meet her Aunt Holly too! The time, as ever, goes quickly.

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Hide and Seek Face

Jameson is starting to understand games, in a limited sense. His game of choice is Hide and Seek, and most of the time he likes to be the seeker, shouting “I find me!” when he finds mommy or daddy. He frequently looks in the spot the hider just hid in previously, but he is starting to follow sounds when we yell “ready!” to know what room we are in.

The best part of the game is when we tell him to close his eyes, and he scrunches up his entire face.

Closing Eyes

When he hides, he doesn’t always pick the most difficult locations. He likes to see where you are looking for him and isn’t always a quiet hider :)


Yesterday, his teacher told us that she counted the children after gym and discover one missing. A little girl told her that he was hiding! Jameson had hid himself in a closet, and was apparently standing pole straight and unmoving. He is really starting to understand the hiding concept, which is pretty funny. He gets so excited when he finds someone or is found, shouting “More hide!”

A few other phrases this month: “I’m back!”, “I pet” (for Sasha), “Chase you” which sounds like tissue. He is even starting to say his name occasionally, sounding like Jamie (or chicken… so maybe we haven’t had a lot of success there yet).

We have a couple baby names picked out and have had him try to say both. He can say both better than his own name, so that is good, ha!

Potato Head

Sometime between 2 years and 25 months, he successfully started jumping! It just took a few months.

We are still having quite a bit of sleep issues, and have decided to try a gate at his room so we can leave the door open without worrying that he will exit his room, since yelling at him to get back in his room is just prolonging the issue. Poor thing still occasionally falls asleep on the floor. Luckily, he still stays asleep and doesn’t get up in the middle of the night, so we are thankful for that.

He started transitioning to the Viking room at daycare yesterday, and we are all sad that Ms Cara will not be able to join him this time. In fact, Nathan isn’t transitioning yet either. Luckily, his teachers say he knows Logan and Alessa who already transitioned to the new room. He is at a stage where he doesn’t want to come home and wants to keep playing at school, so I am less concerned about this transition than previous ones. He is a confident, rambunctious toddler.

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Sleeping Troubles

After about a month of successful bedtime in Jameson’s new big boy room, we interrupted our regular sleeping schedules with holiday travel and parties.

He couldn’t sleep in the car, and was going to sleep on a few nights as late as 10 and 10:30, wired and overtired. Bedtimes were filled with crying and rocking and crying. Jameson would only put up with the rocking after leaving his room once or twice so he realized that was his only option, and even then, he only successfully fell asleep on me once.

At the beginning of January even after routine was settled again, he began screaming himself to sleep. We felt terrible to hear him screaming like that, but all attempts at quieting him had failed. We tried bribing him with more stories if he’d just stay in bed; we let him do his usual stalling tactics and took him to go potty; I brought out a new small kids mp3 player he got for Christmas on a very low volume and promised him he could use it if only he would STAY IN BED.

Floor Sleeper

Instead, he would get out bed and scream at the door until he eventually passed out. At some point, he would decide to go back and get his blanket and teddy bear and lay out the blanket like it was a pillow on the floor. He was determined!

He fell asleep up against the door on a few nights, and Brian would reach in (after banging Jameson’s head, he was so close!) and move him with his pajamas so we could open the door enough to properly get to him and carry him to bed.

I don’t mind yelling and crying, but the screaming was really getting to us. We brought over Aunt Melissa and he screamed for her; the only person he didn’t scream for and stayed in bed for was grandma! But we couldn’t have grandma over every night.

We tried her tactics: extra books, extra love, lots of extra time and being held, extra songs. It allowed me to successfully get him into the bed, but at a cost of bedtime taking twice as long, and he would still get out of bed when we left.

I finally went to the Internet and immediately felt better: I read a lot of stories of parents whose children were screaming themselves hoarse, or worse, vomiting in distress! Jameson seemed more manageable after that.

I came across an article that talked about toddlers feeling trapped in their cribs. Obviously, Jameson is no longer in a crib, but I wondered if he might feel trapped in his room when I closed the door. I was willing to try anything. That night I changed the game on him and told him I’d leave the door open if he was a good boy and stayed in bed.

It worked, but only that once. Since then, he still refuses to get in bed when we leave. We no longer try to force him in bed, read extra stories, or otherwise try and accommodate to him. Thankfully, leaving the door open has stopped the screaming, but we still get the crying occasionally.

We leave it to him to choose when to climb into bed, and after about another week, he doesn’t sleep on the floor much anymore and uses his bed when he gets tired. There are always exceptions (like last night, he tried to fall asleep in the doorway late, testing his boundaries again), but bedtime is smooth again.

Bath on bath night, 3 or 4 stories, a song and prayers when mom puts him to bed, and a kiss goodnight as he stands by his chair. I tell him the door can stay open if he’s a good boy, and he requests it stay open and repeats good boy after me. I’m assuming at some point we’ll need to modify the method as he continues to test us, but all I care about right now is that he’s not screaming.

The best nights are the ones when I linger upstairs doing laundry or cleaning up and he can watch or hear me pass back and forth, so I know it was right to leave the door open so he can feel more secure.

Toddler life!

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Over our Thanksgiving holiday, we decided it was the prime opportunity to have Jameson transition into his big boy bed and room!

We had the room nearly set up, after forcing Brian to stay up each night to paint the dresser knobs, clothes hooks, and nightstand. We hung the artwork line, and I ordered extra road for the decal to finish off the wall.

We decided that nap time wouldn’t be the optimal first new-bed-experience, so we introduced his new room after he got up from his nap on Friday. To prepare him, we read him the Elmo book Big Enough for a Bed a couple days beforehand each night (he loved it, and we are still reading it). When we went into mommy and daddy’s room, we reminded him that he’d be getting a new bed of his own soon too!

New Bed
Friday after his nap, he wasn’t too enthusiastic. At first, he didn’t want to get on his bed. We attributed that to being a little groggy from nap time and confusion, so we started moving his stuff with him there so he could see. Little did he know, most of his belongings were already in the new room, except for a couple big things.

New Room

New Room
First all his books on the new, lower bookshelf; and then his whole dresser. Last, Brian put on the new knobs for his dresser, and Jameson was fascinated watching and wanting to help. After that, we took turns climbing into the bed with him and play at getting under covers. Jameson loved it! We spent about an hour in his room that afternoon before heading downstairs for the evening.

New Room

New Room
We were sure to say goodbye to his baby room, turn out the lights, and close that door for a few days (at least when Jameson was awake).

The real test was bedtime that night. Jameson was so excited, he didn’t want to read stories in the new bedroom chair, he just wanted to climb into bed! We did make it through story time and milk, and turned on his stars, just like usual. It took him about an hour and a half to fall asleep — but he never made a sound. He rolled around and tossed and turned, but stayed in bed until he finally fell asleep.

Clothes Hanger

The next day, Saturday, was a little more rough. He told us he liked his bed when he got up and was cheerful, but had trouble napping there at first. He sat straight up, and I had to go in to yell at him because he was trying to eat the googly eyes off his shirt for a couple minutes.

I have yelled at him just a couple times before just to get him to nap, and he flattens himself out and pretty much doesn’t move until he falls asleep then, which is pretty funny. I’d feel bad, but I’ve done it before and since it works, I don’t stress about it. The trick is surprise and opening the door quickly. “What are you doing? It’s nap time!” and then I rub his back a little so he knows I still love him and cover him up.

Saturday night, he cried for us, and I went back upstairs after about 5-10 minutes to rub his back. That wasn’t really helping him fall asleep, but after he laid there for a bit I left and he cried for just a minute or two before falling asleep. Since then, every day has become easier.

Sunday, he napped in a crib at grandma’s house though so we haven’t experienced any more naps in the bed. At night though he is still very excited to climb into bed and stays there, falling asleep pretty quickly. Aunt Melissa even put him to bed on Tuesday.

A couple days ago, I opened up the door to his old room so it could get air flow and he walked in and said “Baby”. We haven’t talked about it being the baby’s room now more than once or twice, but I think he is associating the crib to babies now, thanks to the Big Enough for a Bed book.

The transition is about as easy as I could’ve hoped for, and I attribute it to the wonderful book, the fact that he is already familiar with sleeping on a cot at daycare, the excited build up to getting his very own bed, and having him see his stuff moved all out of the old room into the new. I’m really happy that he loves his room so much (and I do too!).


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It was a miserable, cold, rainy weekend, so last Sunday we went to the Museum of Natural History (instead of a pumpkin patch). We went with JP, Lisa & Jonathan, and stopped for lunch at the Winking Lizard first.

Jameson ate really well (even though he ate more of Jonathan’s grilled cheese than his own corn dogs), and we learned our lesson and got him milk instead of fruit punch.

The museum was reasonably crowded due to weather undoubtedly, and the kids had a blast. I daresay it was better than the zoo for them, since the animals (stuffed) were right up by the glass. I heard more than one whoa coming out of their mouths.

I swear, we ran through the entire first floor. The boys jumped from one exhibit to the next. Brian could barely hang on to Jameson’s hand, they were moving so fast. I was hoping the dinosaur bones would be a big hit, but alas I should’ve known that stuffed animals and/or things they could actually touch would be more exciting.

They did seem to enjoy how big everything was!

After circling the first floor, we headed downstairs, trying to herd the boys back into their strollers (we were only successful by about 10 minutes thanks to raisins, one of Jameson’s new favorite snacks).

Downstairs, there is a Discovery Center, full of educational toys and stations just for kids. We were nearing the end of our ropes by then, simply because Jameson was edgy since we skipped his nap!

It was well worth it though to get out of the house that weekend. They both had a blast. Jameson napped on the way home, but woke up unhappy when we arrived, so we put him back down for a second nap. He didn’t fall asleep completely, but he rested and when he was ready to get out, he babbled to himself. Much more pleasant!

Sadly, I have had on occasion had to “yell” him to sleep, particularly if he is over tired. If rocking, patting on the back, and swaying back and forth isn’t working, the last resort is to walk in there with a super-stern, elevated voice and tell him it’s time for naps (no if’s ands or buts!). The first time I did it, I must have been really scary because Jameson quickly flatted himself out and fell asleep in that very position, silent as a mouse.

Now I’m a little gentler and cover him back up with a blanket and pat his back before exiting after he gets his stern talking-to. He’s doing really well though, and that only occurs maybe a couple times a month. It snaps him out of his whining and sure enough, as soon as he is settled down, he falls asleep.

Bad mom? I don’t think so. Hopefully not, anyway.

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