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Five weeks old! Coraline went from no expressions to some smiles this week.

She also got to meet Lisa and not-so-baby anymore Vivenne. We actually saw them twice this week, again when we went to the playground, though Coraline slept through that!

Over the weekend at one month old, she seemed to give us some first really focused smiles. Since then, I’ve seen about one a day. It’s always so wonderful to see that delighted reaction from them after caring for them without gratification so long.

Also note the baby acne began this week suddenly. It doesn’t seem too bad, but I also minimize it is pictures ;) you may be able to tell another photo where I did some editing on her tongue. She may have thrush, so we decided yesterday to to treat it as if she does. There are no other symptoms, and she’s had it for a couple weeks already with no change.

Jameson also seems to note that she’s gotten heavier. After putting her in his lap for a moment, he requested instead that she should sit next to him!

Brian’s childhood friend Hollie came to visit on Saturday with her three girls. Coraline slept while Jameson played Mr. potato head with the girls. He loved that they were willing to zoom him around in his bilibo; he event threw himself around in it after the game was over.

Sunday, my parents came up to visit, so our weekend was kept busy again!

Five weeks gone; next week, we will be halfway done with maternity leave and hopefully well into consistent spring weather!

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Over our Thanksgiving holiday, we decided it was the prime opportunity to have Jameson transition into his big boy bed and room!

We had the room nearly set up, after forcing Brian to stay up each night to paint the dresser knobs, clothes hooks, and nightstand. We hung the artwork line, and I ordered extra road for the decal to finish off the wall.

We decided that nap time wouldn’t be the optimal first new-bed-experience, so we introduced his new room after he got up from his nap on Friday. To prepare him, we read him the Elmo book Big Enough for a Bed a couple days beforehand each night (he loved it, and we are still reading it). When we went into mommy and daddy’s room, we reminded him that he’d be getting a new bed of his own soon too!

New Bed
Friday after his nap, he wasn’t too enthusiastic. At first, he didn’t want to get on his bed. We attributed that to being a little groggy from nap time and confusion, so we started moving his stuff with him there so he could see. Little did he know, most of his belongings were already in the new room, except for a couple big things.

New Room

New Room
First all his books on the new, lower bookshelf; and then his whole dresser. Last, Brian put on the new knobs for his dresser, and Jameson was fascinated watching and wanting to help. After that, we took turns climbing into the bed with him and play at getting under covers. Jameson loved it! We spent about an hour in his room that afternoon before heading downstairs for the evening.

New Room

New Room
We were sure to say goodbye to his baby room, turn out the lights, and close that door for a few days (at least when Jameson was awake).

The real test was bedtime that night. Jameson was so excited, he didn’t want to read stories in the new bedroom chair, he just wanted to climb into bed! We did make it through story time and milk, and turned on his stars, just like usual. It took him about an hour and a half to fall asleep — but he never made a sound. He rolled around and tossed and turned, but stayed in bed until he finally fell asleep.

Clothes Hanger

The next day, Saturday, was a little more rough. He told us he liked his bed when he got up and was cheerful, but had trouble napping there at first. He sat straight up, and I had to go in to yell at him because he was trying to eat the googly eyes off his shirt for a couple minutes.

I have yelled at him just a couple times before just to get him to nap, and he flattens himself out and pretty much doesn’t move until he falls asleep then, which is pretty funny. I’d feel bad, but I’ve done it before and since it works, I don’t stress about it. The trick is surprise and opening the door quickly. “What are you doing? It’s nap time!” and then I rub his back a little so he knows I still love him and cover him up.

Saturday night, he cried for us, and I went back upstairs after about 5-10 minutes to rub his back. That wasn’t really helping him fall asleep, but after he laid there for a bit I left and he cried for just a minute or two before falling asleep. Since then, every day has become easier.

Sunday, he napped in a crib at grandma’s house though so we haven’t experienced any more naps in the bed. At night though he is still very excited to climb into bed and stays there, falling asleep pretty quickly. Aunt Melissa even put him to bed on Tuesday.

A couple days ago, I opened up the door to his old room so it could get air flow and he walked in and said “Baby”. We haven’t talked about it being the baby’s room now more than once or twice, but I think he is associating the crib to babies now, thanks to the Big Enough for a Bed book.

The transition is about as easy as I could’ve hoped for, and I attribute it to the wonderful book, the fact that he is already familiar with sleeping on a cot at daycare, the excited build up to getting his very own bed, and having him see his stuff moved all out of the old room into the new. I’m really happy that he loves his room so much (and I do too!).


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It’s been a bit of a extreme week for us, with a lot of highs and lows.

Monday morning, we discovered that our water heater went out. Luckily for me, I finished my shower before all the hot water was gone. Unfortunately for Brian, he had to take a cold shower!

While we planned to have the part on Tuesday and only have one day without hot water, it did stretch to 2 days, and got more complicated when Brian got a flat tire on Monday evening!

We got a brand new car just about a month ago, so the flat tire was a bit of a shock (it was due to a nail). It made pick up and drop off and deciding where to shower in the morning a little complicated. We did buy the supplemental warranty though, which has already nearly paid for itself because we ended up needing a new tire altogether.

Meanwhile, Jameson began using the potty! All of a sudden, he seemed to understand how that part of his body worked, and he began using the potty at school consistently whenever they would put him on it. He doesn’t understand holding it yet, but knows how to make his body go.

This major event also coincided with him biting a classmate, which hasn’t happened in a long time since it seemed to be related to teething before.

Wednesday evening, Brian’s parents came over and while Brian and his dad replaced nearly all the parts in our water heater, Brian’s mom watched and played with Jameson. Since I couldn’t do dishes just yet, I laid out by the fireplace. That was so nice!

We had pizza for dinner, and all was well, finally.

Thursday evening though it all fell apart again. Jameson continues to use the potty at school and at home, so we decided to run out and get him a seat for downstairs as well. That, along with two other short errands, and we were home by 6:30 which is Jameson’s usual dinner time.

Jameson was hungry and wanted a snack, so we gave him one and put on Elmo while we heated leftovers for dinner. But when that snack was over, he didn’t want dinner, he wanted another snack. And he had an absolute meltdown.

An hour long full on tantrum. We tried everything to calm him down, starting with a time out, followed by holding him, bath time, more holding and trying to distract or startle him. Nothing worked, including his very favorite loveys: Mr. Bear and B Blanket.

During the bath, he stood the entire time, crying “no no no” over and over. When I finished bathing him, and asked if he wanted out, the “no no no” continued. What helped was knowing that I understand toddlers can’t control their emotions yet. He wasn’t in any more control than I was, and couldn’t help it.

I did take a picture of him. For posterity. I was trying to find some humor in a situation horribly lacking. He continued to yell.

We even tried turning on the shower to shock him for a second, and turning lights on and off. We finally got his diaper on, and Brian was going to put him to bed with milk. At this point, we had even tried to ask him if he was in pain or hurt somewhere, since it had gone on so long, but he continued to answer in yelling, crying, “no’s” and flailing of arms.

I returned to the room gathering up laundry and asked him if he wanted to help mommy put his eyeball shirts in the wash so he could wear them tomorrow, and he lifted his arms up to get picked up. We went to the laundry room, where he spotted 3 dice.

(The dice were in there from a previous time that I had taken them away and wanted them out of his sight. Really, I need to get rid of them)

He picked them up, and went totally silent.

Where to go from here? We took him to our bedroom and asked him if he wanted to watch Elmo under mommy and daddy’s covers, which he did. We laid there next to him for about 15 minutes, watching Sesame Street.

We convinced him to get in his pjs. He said “zip zip”. I asked him if he felt better, and he said “yeah”. I told him mommy was happy he felt better.

And then we actually went down at bedtime and finally ate dinner. Jameson ate some of his left over pizza, and then he ate some of our rice and pork. Surprisingly, since he never really ate any significant quantity of pork before.

This morning, he was cheerful and excited to wear his eyeball shirt (he asks to wear them every morning). However, when I tried to take photos this morning with the 23 month blocks, he completely refused and started to get upset. He got up and walked away a couple times. We gave up, hoping for a better mood later… I certainly hope this passes quickly.

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Last weekend was a mishmash of awesome.

We bought new furniture for our office on Friday which actually has some storage; it was on clearance and we’ve been researching for months. It was ideal, and I’m excited to share pictures once the room is in better shape after the furniture arrives.

Saturday we went to the farmer’s market, stopped at the Heritage Festival for a little (it was sweltering), and went back home to the air conditioning. Later, Jameson loved watching dad mow the lawn and at the end got to ride into the shed with him.

(Yes, this is our backyard right now)

We got to see fireworks Saturday night from our porch again like last year, but better!

Saturday night, we gave Jameson a sippy cup instead of his bottle. His last bottle (sniff sniff) was Friday, July 6.

He didn’t even question it; I was shocked, since he knows the word for bottle and seemed very attached to it. Instead, we read about 6 more books because he drinks so slow. He also doesn’t settle down as much, but he’s happy enough to go into his crib just the same.

Sunday, we traumatized Jameson leaving him at childcare at church. Major stranger fear. The rest of the day, he insisted on being right by our side. Also, he didn’t nap.

Since he didn’t nap, we did face time with grandma and grandpa on my new ipad. Jameson was great, he had lots of smiles (not shown here) and he even blew kisses goodbye.

Later after receiving some good news, we went over to his other grandma and grandpa’s for dinner. He was tired, but that didn’t stop him from collecting rocks, sticks and pinecones outside and being very insistent about what he wanted to eat (berries and watermelon, plus some hot dog!)

I call that a successful weekend!

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Yesterday, I was excited to try a new recipe (yes, I don’t do the cooking usually, but I can bake and do so on occasion. Rare occasions.)

The recipe was for cheesy zucchini biscuits, and I was hoping that Jameson would actually take to them and in doing so, happen to ingest some zucchini along with it.

Instead of the warm, cheesy, zucchini goodness, or the perfectly moist baked pork chops, or even the fresh buttered green beans (he ate a little of one of those raw just minutes before, but cooked is not as good. apparently)… yes, instead, Jameson insisted that we definitely had something else for him to eat.

It happened that we sometimes held back the mac and cheese or other excellent treat for Jameson while he wailed at his vegetables and meat. We stopped doing this a couple weeks ago, because it wasn’t working, obviously. He never wants to eat his meat unless its bologna or sometimes hot dog, and only occasionally wants to eat broccoli or peas.

Jameson was convinced that we had something else up our sleeves.

I wheeled him around in the highchair to see everything on and around the stove. The only thing he wanted was a whole slab of pork chop, which I know better than to give him.

Back to the table, screaming away… Brian and I just tried to eat the rest of our dinner. Meanwhile, Jameson is now reaching for Brian’s slab of pork chop which he just got from the stove. We offer Jameson the rest of his own pork chop instead, which is half a slab from the cutting board.

No dice.

The pork chop on the stove, whole and untouched, is WAY better than cutting board pork chop.

I decide to get sneaky and get up for seconds myself, quickly taking the cutting board pork chop on my own plate and prepare to eat it. Jameson at this point it near inconsolable, so I unbuckled him and put him on my lap. He immediately gets quiet, grabs mine his pork chop and gnaws away at it.

Yes, that is probably a strained smile on my face, the weird top teeth only grin.

He ate a quarter of a whole pork chop, or nearly half of that piece in his hand. I can’t figure out this kid who hates pork and chicken…


P.S. Jameson has increased his repertoire of songs to include” ee i ee i oh” from Old McDonald’s Farm, and making the rain sign for Itsy Bitsy Spider along with his “baby” in Baby Beluga. I also heard him say a distinct “beep beep” the other day, imitating one of his toys.

He is doing all kinds of imitating. Like grabbing at my boobies after Brian did (that is the last time that will happen. In front of him). And also saying a lot of words, like “water” last night, and Brian’s favorite. “Weener”. Way to go Jameson.

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It’s official, Jameson has reached a year and a half. 18 months.

This month, he started saying two word phrases. For a couple weeks, he was saying Daddy-o, which I am pretty sure means “Daddy Go” (or, where is daddy? or, can I go where daddy is?). More distinctly, Saturday and Sunday both he said, “byebye doggie”!

He is saying a lot more words in general: he no longer signs for “more”, he says “Mo” and signs “please” to go with it. He is starting to say “Uh” for “Up” and sometimes he’ll repeat words when I say “Can you say yellow?” (His word for yellow was pretty accurate!). His words are all distinct, and he clearly knows what he saying even when we don’t (which is often). He currently whispers “pst psh psssss” with his lips, and we all respond back to him the same which he thinks is the best!

Hearing the word “No” from us doesn’t deter him at all, no matter how loudly it’s said. We will get a sneaky look when he is doing something he knows he is not supposed to do. What works is stopping his motion by grabbing his arm or removing him from the situation entirely.

This weekend, he stood on his rocking Elmo toy with no hands. We are very proud of his balance, but we had to make him sit down physically. He doesn’t seem sad or mad when we do it (except if I hold onto his hand and make him stay for a moment), but it distracts him. I’m sure soon we’ll need to set up a specific time out point for him, and it will probably need to have a seat belt or be fenced in.

Sometimes, when he is focused, he will help us pick up and clean up. I had him put away his plastic dishes yesterday from the dishwasher. And, completely on his own, he went to go wipe Sasha’s face with the towel after she drank some water, and Brian had asked me to do it. Jameson standing there holding that towel up to Sasha’s face was the cutest moment!

We let him give Sasha her cookies when she comes in from outside, which could be his first real chore. He’s very good at it!

Jameson has started watching some tv when we let him. Saturday mornings are Sesame Street mornings right now. He will not sit for more than a moment, but he will play and glance up to watch now and again during the show. Last night, Brian and his dad were very pleased that he was enjoying David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) on tv. He would sway and point at the guitars and lights!

Food is still hit or miss. One day he will like something, and the next he will refuse it. Last week, he refused breakfast most of the week, including fruit which was always a hit! But this weekend, he ate blueberries and raspberries like crazy (made some stellar diapers!)

We now cut his hot dogs into slices rather than chopped up, so that he will eat some. He also has started wanting to eat at the table with us. A couple nights last week, he refused all food until he was sitting in our laps. He may just be testing the waters, but when we sat him in the highchair and pushed him up to the dining table last night, he did really well and ate broccoli! I was so excited.

This month, his naps have gotten a bit shorter. He was usually a record-breaking nap taker of 2-3 hour naps at home and at daycare as long as he wasn’t too overtired, but this month it’s been closer to 1-1/2 to 2 hours. However, he is still sleeping well in general. A couple months ago, he appeared to have his first real nightmare, screaming for no reason at night, but it was only one. Since then, he’s been sleeping like a baby ;)

His eczema is all but gone! We started a new regimen of the Aveeno baby eczema lotion (the key ingredient is that it’s an oatmeal colloidal cream) morning and night; and unscented non-comedogenic Cetaphil lotion at the daycare. The oatmeal lotion did the trick! We definitely still see where it was/is. It still occasionally flares up with irritation, so we maintain the schedule even with it mostly gone, but we are so happy we don’t need to use the hydro-cortisone creams anymore after almost 3 months of alternating the cream on and off.


Happy 1-1/2 birthday Mr. Jameson!

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My Little Boy

You may have noticed in photos from Mother’s Day that my son no longer looks like a hooligan. Jameson looks like a little boy now, we got his hair cut (and not by us) on Saturday!

After losing a tooth, his wild hair and gapped smile made him look a bit like a hill billy. It was time.

He was concerned when we walked in and he heard the blow dryers. He’s a bit afraid of those. But he was fine until the water spray.

From there, it was all tears.

I gave him a goldfish though, and he tolerated the haircut for a while while the crocodile tears rolled down his cheek.

Then it got really bad again when she got close to his ears. And when she brought out the trimmer? It was all over for him. Brian had to hold his head.

(Yes, bad enough that I stopped taking photos)

Then it was over. No blow dryer needed. Jameson even drove the car wheel for a moment.

Jameson got a diploma and a little baggie of hair. Good job, little man!

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